Emmingon's Reign


Items have been returned to the duke's mage. Who just happened to not be a good guy. Another mage broke in and tried to stop him afterwards, but to no avail. There was a nasty mage fight in which the adventurers were transported back to the future…. Just an alternate reality of their future, in which a portal to the levels of hell have been opened and devils and demons have come through to rule the world. Now the party needs to find items to get to a hall in which they can travel time and space easily, to hopefully get back and stop themselves from doing what they did, or they need to close the portal to hell and just cleanse the world that way. their choice.

Thick Lair Inn

The party meets with the duke and his mage to see if they can figure things out. The mage says he can help, but he needs help. Sends the party to retrieve some items by any means necessary. They visit an Inn south of town where they also deal in some rather hot goods. They find the goods but have to acquire them in an unsavory way. 

Not yet undead

Cormac found out some things about himself, and is now able to control himself a little better. The party now is a little stronger, thanks to the elves. The  party was also able to sanctify the crypt, but to no avail, as they are still stuck in the past. There was some strange rumbling when they did, but no one knows why.  They are waiting on the duke to get some information to see if they can get back to the right time frame. 

Bill? Or Saren?

After dealing with the occultists, the party finds an old man living in a hut. He looks very familiar and calls himself Bill. The adventurers discover through Bill that not only have the been teleported, they have also traveled back in time, to the time of the War of the Scourge. They find what may take them back to the future, but also discover that they have to be very careful not to alter history too much. Heading back to Heartburg, they run into some elves and discover that Bill is really Saren, who could possibly be a god. The elves run them out of their forest, due to the bloodline of one of the party members. 

Around the fire?

Finished off the crypt below the ruins to find out that Emmingon had raised a former king from the dead and was attempting to make him look living to rule over an army of undead. After killing the undead king, transported to a magical room that attempted to teach the characters the evilness of fighting with weapons, only to have a dream about days past. Characters were then transported to an unknown location near a group of occultists attempting to summon their "god". Occultists attacked the party due to cleric. Discovered they are somewhere along the beginnings of the Mutton River to the north east of Mythgrove. Found a horse and cart with:  

Oil of mage armor x4
Potion cure light wounds 
Cart (15gp,  200lb), with horse, heavy
  -6 bedrolls
  -3 boxes of 20 candles
  -3 iron bar (1sp ea, 5lb ea)
  -4 steel bar (5sp ea, 5lb ea)
Black pearl (350gp)
Coral (100gp)
Bloodstone (50gp)
Bloodstone (25gp) x 3
Rhodochrosite (13gp)
Turquoise (10gp) x6
Ivory (60gp)
Peridot (45gp)
Onyx (65gp)

Alchemist lab
Block and tackle 
2x lantern
6x torch
10x 2lb bag of caltrops 
50ft rope 
10x piton
Small chest with a couple journals, a quill and ink and a bar of wax and signet ring
Healers kit
Masterwork thieves tools 
15lb oats


Ruins of Heartburg

Woke up from camp to find out that there was a possible sighting of zombies at some nearby ruins. The paladin and cleric that were camping in the same area were unable to check out the claim due to having prisoners.

Went to ruins to check it out and found a crypt below ruins of what is believed to be a castle.

Our story so far.

Sent down to kill off some pests in the basement of The Topaz Cauldron, adventurers find a secret door that leads to the sewers. They are caught by a man who realizes they know too much and attempts to kill them. They leave the scene wondering what the heck is going on. Venturing back into the sewers, they discover that they are working against drow, who are trying to expand the sewer system to attach to storehouses and shops, looking to bring in items that look to be of high value for shops to sell. Emmingon has killed the mayor and made him a zombie, who he can control. The mayor has raised taxes continuously, and filters the money into Emmingon's hands. They have left Dafeld on a mission to talk to a wizard who may be able to help them on their quest.


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