Pixie Barbarian


Coming from the Ashhe Forest, Alexi, as a young pixie, was treated poorly by the other pixies, due to her abnormal strength and natural abilities with weaponry. When pixies normally would flee from combat and encounters, she welcomes the challenge and sees combat as fun. Because of this, she left her home and went looking for adventure, as well as to fill her lust for knowledge, wanting to know more about the world outside the Ashhe Forest.

Alexi is a prankster, and she loves all things shiny. She collects gems, coins, and any other object that catches her eye, yet when she gets bored with them, she will forget all about them for the next shiny object.

She is shy and reserved when she first meets someone, but does her best to make a new friend. When she gets to know them, she loses all sense of shyness. She loves to study others and learn all she can about them. She wants to know the motive of everyone she meets and will do what she can to find that out.

Alexi is lover of nature and animals. She is proud that she can speak with them, and wishes that everyone would treat them with the respect and reverence that she does.


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