Emmingon's Reign

Ruins of Heartburg

Woke up from camp to find out that there was a possible sighting of zombies at some nearby ruins. The paladin and cleric that were camping in the same area were unable to check out the claim due to having prisoners.

Went to ruins to check it out and found a crypt below ruins of what is believed to be a castle.

Our story so far.

Sent down to kill off some pests in the basement of The Topaz Cauldron, adventurers find a secret door that leads to the sewers. They are caught by a man who realizes they know too much and attempts to kill them. They leave the scene wondering what the heck is going on. Venturing back into the sewers, they discover that they are working against drow, who are trying to expand the sewer system to attach to storehouses and shops, looking to bring in items that look to be of high value for shops to sell. Emmingon has killed the mayor and made him a zombie, who he can control. The mayor has raised taxes continuously, and filters the money into Emmingon's hands. They have left Dafeld on a mission to talk to a wizard who may be able to help them on their quest.


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